Vick not on sideline for Eagles

Michael Vick was not late, and he was not supposed to be on the

sideline for the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday.

That’s what Eagles coach Andy Reid said after a 31-17 victory

over Atlanta in which Vick was the third quarterback. Vick has

injured rib cartilage that he sustained two weeks ago.

”I told the kid to be here are 12:15, and he showed up at

12:15,” Reid said. The game kicked off at 1 p.m. ”That’s it,

enjoy the win.

”We just kept him in the locker room, not near the field.

Today, I just wanted him here. I wasn’t going to let him get in the

game and throw the ball. He was not getting hit (Sunday), The

chances of him being in there were slim to none. He needed to be

around here dressed and in the locker room.”

When Vick was not in the stadium 90 minutes before kickoff, even

as some of his teammates were working out on the field, it caused a

stir. The Eagles said there was nothing amiss and that Vick had

permission to show up late.

On Friday, Vick practiced for the first time since getting hurt

in a loss to Washington. He began the season as the backup to Kevin

Kolb, who lost his job after sustaining a concussion in Week 1

because Vick was sensational in his absence.

Kolb excelled against the Falcons, going 23 for 29 for 326 yards

and three touchdowns. Reid was asked if such a performance might

lead to Kolb leaping over Vick as the starter. He said Vick remains

the No. 1 quarterback when he’s healthy.

”This is a beautiful thing, sitting as a chubby coach in the

National Football League and you have two good quarterbacks,” Reid

said with a smile. ”I told you (Vick) is the starting quarterback

before. Yeah, he is.”

Cynics might suggest Reid didn’t want Vick on the sideline in

case Kolb struggled and the sellout crowd at the Linc began

chanting for Vick. But Reid said using Vick wasn’t even part of the

game plan, with the exception of ”a completely emergency


”I already had wide receivers coached up if it was an extended

period,” he added about who would have gone behind center if Kolb

and second-stringer Mike Kafka were injured against Atlanta.

Reid expects Vick to practice this week as the Eagles prepare

for Tennessee. They have a bye the following week.

”We’ll see how he does,” Reid said. ”He’s already made long