UK excited about Minnesota Vikings return during 2017 season

The Minnesota Vikings will be returning to England for an NFL game during the 2017 season and the folks at Sky Sports in the UK are thrilled about it.

During their last game in London, England, the Minnesota Vikings made a great impression on the UK. Not only did the team defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers 34-27, but fans were able to show that purple pride is everywhere.

Now, with the Vikings scheduled to return to England for the 2017 season to take on the Cleveland Browns, that excitement is returning to the UK. Many international fans will be on hand to check out the action while hardcore fans will be making the trip across the pond.

On the Vikings official website, Sky Sports’ Neil Reynolds spoke about the response the Vikings and Steelers got in 2013 as well as the representation of fans.

“Pittsburgh brought a lot of fans, and the Vikings were so well-traveled in terms of their fans; it was a great weekend,” Reynolds recalled of the 2013 matchup. “They kind of took over Regent Street – it was the first time we held a huge event up and down Regent Street with more than 500,000 fans.”

Many fans have already signed up for pre-order tickets while others are planning their trip to England, but it was a joy to see so many fans of Minnesota in the stands in 2013. Hopefully, the crowd during the game against the Browns will be just as purple, if not more so.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the team that started 5-0 last year, a team with all that talent, to see them with all those stars and all those players here in the Pro Bowl,” Reynolds continued. “To see them play in front of the British fans is going to be very exciting.”

The Minnesota Vikings and Cleveland Browns are scheduled to do battle at Twickenham Stadium during either week 7 or 8 of the 2017 season. This will be considered a home game for the Browns, with the Vikings acting as the visitors.

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