Tyrod Taylor can easily recite the names of all 10 quarterbacks drafted before him in 2011

Brett Carlsen/WP

Professional athletes will take motivation from any source, real or imagined. For Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor, part of his drive comes from the same place as Antonio Brown — the sting of getting drafted in the sixth round after scores of other players got taken.

During an appearance on NFL Live on Tuesday, Trey Wingo asked Taylor if he could still remember the names of all 10 quarterbacks taken before him in draft five years ago. Taylor was able to deliver the goods:

I didn't hear the name Jake Locker, the Tennessee Titans' pick at No. 8 overall but Taylor nailed the rest including Ricky Stanzi, who's bounced around on practice squads in recent years.

After serving as Joe Flacco's backup in Baltimore from 2011-2014, Taylor earned an opportunity to start in Buffalo and ran away with the job, earning himself a six-year contract extension with $9.5 million guaranteed.