Tweet tweet: Today’s top sports chatter

Give people a forum to speak their mind in 140 characters or less and you have provocative, diverse and controversial thoughts on the Internet. Give a sports celebrity the same forum, and you have this.

From Cincinnati Bengals’ Chad Ocho Cinco (@OGOchoCinco) to Baltimore Ravens’ Le’Ron McClain (@LeRonMcClain33): dont give a flying (bleep) about your lil slogan, bring the pain crap, GTFOH, you and anybody else got a problem see me Sunday

Doesn’t Chad know that playing college football for Alabama automatically trumps playing football for the Oregon State Beavers?

Le’Ron McClain’s response to Chad Ocho Cinco: well having saying that I’ll see ya Sunday!! Put cha big boy pads on too not the high school ones ya feel me!! Go Ravens!!

That was pretty weak, Le’Ron. We’re turning crimson red here.

Chad Ocho Cinco’s response to Le’Ron McClain: thats funny because i still wear my highschool pads every sunday, i wear 15-16 size small Power shoulderpads

And that was awkward. These guys couldn’t give an eighth grader bully a beat down—so disappointing when you consider the potential.

From NASCAR’s Kenny Wallace (@Kenny_Wallace): You know..The economy is ok..IF YOU SIT IN YOU LIVING ROOM and do nothing…

You know, elections have been won with that exact same campaign promise/party line.

From soccer player Landon Donovan (@landondonovan): Quit calling me short! I’m standing next to a basketball player…what do you expect?!?!?

When will soccer players admit that being called "short" from American sports fans is the least insulting thing they can be called?

From Arizona Cardinals’ Darnell Dockett (@ddockett): I wish I can find my 6th grade teacher Ms Mc Arthur in atlanta, wheeew lawd! She was so fine, but she didn’t not want me! Bet she would NOW!

We’re betting Ms McArthur was an English teacher, and hence, the reason why she "didn’t not want" you.

From Cincinnati Bengals’ Chad Ocho Cinco (@OGOchoCinco): How in the hell did i make the top 5 most disliked athletes in the world? Who the (bleep) did the voting for this shh!! Damit, what i do wrong?

Frankly Chad, we’re mystified as well.

From Green Bay Packers’ Jermichael Finley (@JermichaelF88): At the house trying to figure out whats my next move..

If nothing comes to you, then maybe it wasn’t meant to be?

From New York Jets’ Braylon Edwards (@OfficalBraylon): The Beard had a good day in practice today I was proud of him

Talking in the third person always confuses us, but "Jimmy’s down" with the Beard having a good practice.

From Florida State Seminoles’ Christian Ponder (@cponder7): Landed in OKC.

To no one’s surprise, Ponder’s twitter page has not been updated since his foray into Boomer and Sooner’s stomping grounds last Saturday.

From Florida Gators’ Ahmad Black (@AhmadBlack35): At Wendy’s again and once again there’s a problem with the baked potatoes..THEY DON’T HAVE ANY!!! WTF lol

Who the heck orders a baked potato at a fast food burger joint?????

From Tennessee Volunteer’s Luke Stocker (@LukeStocker88) to a fan: haha At least you are being compensated for your time with $, my compensation is education which is not nearly as liquid

Heavy sighs of relief are being heard all over Knoxville. One down, 124 to go.

From New York Jets’ Braylon Edwards (@OfficialBraylon): Did I tell yall JayZ & Eminem were incredible? My beard got bigger when Beyonce came on stage LOL Kanye, Drake, MaryJ shut it down as well!

That’s not how hair grows Braylon.

From Cleveland Cavaliers Daniel Gibson (@1BooByD_Gibson): Just talked to my Homie Q from behind dem bars. Sound like he ready to live. That’s a blessing… We all make mistakes.

Well, it’s just a miracle, isn’t it?

From New England Patriots’ Darius Butler (@DariusButler28): Gotta take these cookies out at 8:54 some1 pls remind me. I always forget

Reality: somewhere, a person with absolutely no life served as his personal oven timer.

From Arizona Cardinals’ Darnell Dockett (@Ddockett): Just left practice now its time for the weight room, The best part of working hard is the. REWARD. Work hard and buy what the HELL I WANT!

Is it just us, or does that last sentence have a catchy election slogan jingle to it?

From Denver Broncos Jarvis Moss (@GucciMoss): Funny how u hear frm certain people. Leave u scratchtin ya ya head wondering if its jus cause its football season?

Jarvis, by now you should realize the only reason why they’re calling you is so they can score a signed Tebow jersey. Recognize.

Two tweets from Tennessee Titans’ Chris Johnson (@ChrisJohnson28):

On sale for 55 to 60k 30inch dub spinners 4 12 6tvs hit me up for more info

If u want more info on the truck got here Autotrader # 101-296-774eBay # 190-444-651-345

You really need to do this to sell your truck?