Tweet tweet: Barnes welcomes back Vick

Give people a forum to speak their mind in 140 characters or less and you have provocative, diverse and controversial thoughts on the Internet. Give a sports celebrity the same forum, and you have this.

From NASCAR’s Kenny Wallace (@Kenny Wallace) in response to NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin (@dennyhamlin): Thank God for twitter Denny…We can now respond…RT @dennyhamlin: is such a joke.. or the people who write for them.

We’re pretty sure both Kenny Wallace and Denny Hamlin won’t be getting any Christmas cards from the France family this year.

From Los Angeles Lakers’ Matt Barnes (@matt_barnes22): Welcome back mike vick the football world missed you… That’s a bad matha (shut yo mouth)!!!!!

Raise your hand if you’re shocked Matt Barnes welcomed back Michael Vick.

From Green Bay Packers’ Jermichael Finley (@JermichaelF88): Does anyone have proof of sharks in the mississippi river??

If Wikipedia says it’s true, then it must be.

From Ryder Cup golfer Bubba Watson (@bubbawatson): This is last tweet till I get back from Wales!! Cheer hard for USA!! Ryder Cup

Yes. It’s true. Twitter has been banned (voluntarily) from the USA Ryder Cup Team. But Tiger Woods has not. Have at it, folks.

From tennis player Andy Roddick (@andyroddick): my fantasy football team sucks

Well who drafted the players?

From NASCAR’s Kenny Wallace (@Kenny_Wallace): It’s Official..Most people on Twitter today have said they want to talk about Boobs!…My wife Kim has BIG ONES and I Love them..

Looks like she married one too.

From former NFL’er Thurman Thomas (@thurmanthomas): Give Brian Kelly an extension on his contract at NOTRE DAME…..HAHAHAHA

Imagine that, an Irish hater.

From former UCLA Bruin and current Jacksonville Jaguars’ Maurice Jones-Drew (@Jones_Drew32): We got to be in the top 25 now after beating houston and now texas… I’m mean if we play those to schools all year we would go to the nati every year… Lol go bruins

Rick Neuheisel should call Les Miles right now for advice on how to sway voters through an aggressive email campaign with this slogan: "We’re undefeated against Texas teams."

From golfer Paul Azinger (@PaulAzinger): I am off pain killers as of 2 days ago, road rash wounds healing nicely. Ribs still sore.

Who knew golf was such a physical sport?

From Atlanta Falcons’ Coy Wire (@coywire): Other than winning, favorite part about away games is sneaking in teammates’ rooms (ninja style), and scaring the ba-Jesus out of them…

Linebackers are such a strange breed. But Dick Butkus and Mike Singletary would approve this tweet.

From former NFL’er and current Dancing with the Stars contestant Kurt Warner (@kurt13warner): 4 those asking, camera blocking is simply running through ur dance so they can set up cameras 2 get best shots 4 TV tom night performance!

Anyone find it odd that Warner’s tweet was during the Jets-Dophins game? Who the heck asked him that question?

From former NBA’er and current Dancing with the Stars contestant Rick Fox (@rickafox): On my way to camera blocking for tomorrow nights Jive

Is this a conspiracy?

From Seattle Seahawks’ Golden Tate (@ShowtimeTate): I’m almost in tears from this massage ! It’s amazing how much a skinny lil woman can hurt meee

Is he complaining about a massage? Really?

From former NFL’er Fran Tarkenton (@Fran_Tarkenton): The UN accomplishes what? Oh…the UN gives Ahmadinejad a platform – that makes a lot of sense!

In case y’all wondered how ex-athletes get elected into offices, here’s your sign.

From Atlanta Falcons’ Kroy Biermann (@biermann71): Have some smart critters around. Cleaned off all 12 of my traps but couldn’t quite get away from three of them!! Lol got ya suckers!!

Where does Kroy live? And define critters —  just how big are we talking here?

From Cincinnati Bengals’ Chad Ochocinco (@OGOchoCinco), a series of tweets during a shopping spree:

Louboutin – I call these the (bleep) I know you see me shoe

Louboutin thigh high spike boot in black

Louboutin thigh high spike boots every woman can’t pull these offs

Louboutin black spike loafer

Louboutin cheetah print spike loafer

Props to Chad for showing off his sensitive side to Ohioans — residents of a state that claims one of the top ten highest unemployment rates in the country — with pictures of footwear ranging from $500 to $2,400.

From Columbus Blue Jackets’ Mike Commodore(@commie22), two tweets:

On a different note…my horse "the phenom" runs in 10 mins….and he’s a BIG fav….1-9….he better dominate

The Phenom just took a huge dump on camera on the way to the gate…I like that…he’s staying light!

OK, so betting on the gray horse is out, but laying a hundy on a horse which drops a deuce before entering the gate is in?

From Cincinnati Reds’ Mike Leake (@mikeleake44): Enjoying the sd [San Diego]weather and getting crap from paul kuo or whatever his name is

We have no clue who he is talking about (we googled Paul Kuo), and frankly, we’re concerned.

From Cincinnati Bengals’ Chad Ochocinco (@OGOchoCinco): I just left Krogers brought my pregnant pigeon some sun flower seeds and a box of my cereal, im worried that the male pigeon wont return

If the baby daddy doesn’t return, put the bird in therapy.