TV Ratings to be all-time high since U.S. presidential debates

What to Expect this week from the Giants without their star field-goal kicker

The TV-viewing population of the world will tune in to cable TV this weekend to watch the New york Giants take on the Los Angeles Rams which is thought to be a change from Monday night’s prime time game against the Minnesota Vikings on October 3, 2016 where the primetime event was Trump versus Hillary.

Now that the dust of last week’s 27-23 victory has settled, the presidential debates over, the Giants can have the world’s population’s attention for once.

According to an unofficial statistic on the website TV by the, viewership of Monday Night Football  has declined by a significant percentage of greater than %57. The debates won for the second straight time.

For the commissioner Roger Goodell it is not the conversation you would ike to be having with all 32 owners. It is sort of like when George Constanza is at the fitness center and is talking to New York Mets legend Keith Hernandez and discussing the fatality rate associated with players traveling by plane over the course of a 162 game season. It is a non-starter.

The “Viking Brains” were undefeated and remain so. This makes perfect sense why many would be more interested in watching what was supposed to be a civilized debate instead of a football game that seemed too easy to call.

The world will have a chance to witness a bit of American football history as a Los Angeles and New York rivalry will be published by the Guardian Newspaper and Daily Mail, not just the New York Post.

The Giants looked good for the most part despite some ups and downs

The Giants looked spectacular despite a bumpy ride to a win in the 4th quarter when the Giants were trailing by a field goal. many thought Manning would repeat what happened against Washington when he managed to lead a drive down the field of over 90 yards and then turnover the ball on a fumble or interception. Luckily, this did not happen and the Giants could rely “the play” that saved the game involving no one other than Odell Beckham and Eli Manning.

Consider that Odell Beckham is not widely known in the United Kingdom as well as Major League Soccer player David Beckham, who is not nearly as controversial though can be confused with OBJ to those have not been keeping up-to-ate with the sports page for the past decade.

People who live near Twickenham stadium are passionate about mass spectacle sports involving aggression and patriotism. Beckham will be loved for his independent style of play which will stick out like a sore thumb. As opposed to a soccer club where the main focus is on the goalie and stryker and mid-fielders or rugby where one team wins primary based on team effort, Beckham will be a pleasant surprise.

One person unlike in the sports the British are used to can propose to field goal kicking nets and then sprint past Olympic-ready defenders and then make a mockery of the entire opposition’s defensive playbook. It is American Exceptionalism which rugby fans might look up to, and fans of the shift away from inclusion into the European Union.

It won’t be a surprise that more international viewers will be tuning into this week’s football game and not let politics or the presidential debates get in the way.

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