Turnovers doom Jets on the road in Kansas City

The New York Jets fumbled away an opportunity to go above .500 for the first time this season. Where do the Jets go from here?

Turnovers, turnovers, and more turnovers. That was the moral of this unfortunate story in Week 3 for the New York Jets. Apparently, the Jets didn’t read my write up going into the game because that was one of the top keys to the game. The Kansas City Chiefs don’t shoot themselves in the foot, typically, and they didn’t on Sunday against the Jets.

While the lone time they did, the Jets were unable to convert. The sole proprietor was quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick who was coming off perhaps the best game of his career. In this game he ended with a career-high six interceptions, some his fault and some not. To see the final stat line after the game, it just doesn’t seem humanely possible to have that many mistakes.

While he followed that up with the worst game of his career, the Jets as a team had eight turnovers, an ungodly figure that is tough to swallow. The team couldn’t find any rhythm on offense throughout the contest. They struggled on third down efficiency and in the money zone, they were a paltry 0-3.

While the final score says otherwise, the Jets were in this game throughout. They just left so many points on the field. At the end of the game, though, it seems like the Jets were never really in it. They just didn’t seem into it and it’s a bitter pill to swallow.

This game was supposed to be a playoff game of sorts.

The winner of the contest would see their playoff chances increase to 45%.

While the loser would see their hopes dwindle.

The Jets clearly took quite the injection of reality in this game.

Their offense wasn’t the only problem for the Jets in the grand scheme of things.

The Jets’ defense struggled throughout the game. They couldn’t get after quarterback Alex Smith and while they didn’t give up any chunk plays to wide receivers, they let tight end Travis Kelce go off.

The Chiefs exploited the one-on-one matchups and took advantage. The Jets are going to play a lot of talented tight ends throughout the season and they need to get their assignments down.

Ultimately this was only one game, but it feels much worse than that. The Jets now sit at 1-2 and it doesn’t get easier as they return home to play the Seattle Seahawks in MetLife Stadium.

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