Trump Denies Existence of Concussions, Implies NFL Players Are Soft

Bizarro world forces entry into the NFL: Trump thinks Concussions are a conspiracy, like everything else.

This afternoon in Lakeland, Florida, nominee for President Donald Trump held one of his first major rallies since the unearthing of last week’s infamous tape. This week has been an interesting one for the Presidential candidate, he’s in the midst of a divorce from his own party and attempting to salvage his campaign. Naturally, that meant Trump felt compelled to address the NFL’s policy regarding Concussions. Reporters at the rally tweeted that Trump stated:

“Uh! Uh! A little ding in the head and you can’t play for the rest of the season.”

The context of the statement didn’t exactly explain why Trump addressed this issue. Apparently, Trump said this in reply to a woman who passed out and returned to his rally.

The “Trump effect” on the NFL has been polarizing. Both Bleacher Report and ESPN have reported in the last week that there have been conflicts in locker rooms as related to the Trump campaign. One report even said that an NFL team has banned any talk related to Donald Trump in their facility because infighting became problematic.

In lights of today’s ridiculous comments on Concussions, NFL players should feel united against a man who thinks they’re soft.

Any moron with access to the internet understands the seriousness of Concussions. The scariest part about Concussions is that we have only started to understand the full magnitude of the damage they inflict on the brain.

I can’t believe I am actually asking this, but is ‘a little ding on the head’ really that big of a deal?



Here are some really, really important facts on Concussions:

  • The NFL is in the midst of attempting to settle a billion-dollar lawsuit over withholding information about Concussions. That lawsuit may be headed to the Supreme Court of the United States. Hundreds of players are involved in this lawsuit, and it’s implications affect thousands of players.
  • Boston University’s neurology research department estimate that nearly 90% of football players (not just NFL players, but high school and middle school as well) could develop Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, or CTE. This means that CTE can develop at a young age.
  • There are multiple manifestations of neurological injury due to Concussions. While traditional concussions are common and dangerous, smaller, non-concussive impacts can be just as dangerous. How? CTE is a disorder that is caused, as it’s name suggests, by chronic and consistent neurological trauma. Each mini-concussion, or “sub-concussive impact” contributes toward the potential development of CTE.
  • There is no cure for a Concussion and Concussions are difficult to diagnose.
  • Finally, why is the NFL so worried about players returning after sustaining a Concussion? Because of “Second Impact Syndrome,” a sometimes fatal condition that occurs when a swollen or bleeding brain (from a Concussion) is subsequently impacted again before healing properly. This can result in instant death.

In 2016, it is really sad to have to defend the existence and prevalence of Concussions. NFL players are often tormented and destroyed by neurological injury.

So, parents, if your child is playing football, please take Concussions and head-to-head impacts seriously. They could save your child’s life.

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