Top 5 most important games left for Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans lost a heartbreaker to the Indianapolis Colts last week. I don’t think it was their last chance to make the playoffs, but it really makes it difficult.

On top of worrying about themselves, the Titans also have one eye on the newly minted L.A. Rams. Those games are every bit as important to the Tennessee Titans future as the ones they play themselves.

So which games on both schedules are the biggest for the Titans?

5. Week 16 Tennessee @ Jacksonville Jaguars

You have to win in your division to get to the playoffs. It is almost a given that you can’t go sub .500 in your division and make the playoffs, unless you are freakishly dominant outside of that division.

This should be a game the Titans get up for if everything goes correctly, and they should have all the confidence in the world going against a Jaguars team that handled just a two months prior.

4. Week 15 Tennessee @ Kansas City Chiefs

Barring a collapse from the other three teams in the AFC South, the Titans now have to win one of these games. I think the Chiefs is probably a tougher out given how well the match up where the Titans are weak.

3. Week 14 Denver Broncos @ Tennessee

Again, the Titans have to win one of these two games. The Broncos are an easier matchup to me because I just don’t think Trevor Siemian is good, like at all. I honestly even have concerns about Paxton Lynch if he gets to play.

The big reason why this game is more important is because this coaching staff will have a full bye week to scout the Broncos extensively and make a gameplan. This coaching staff will be here in 2017, it would be great if they showed us that they could actually come up with a great gameplan given time.

2. Week 16 San Francisco 49ers @ LA Rams

This is a battle of the worst. I think that if the Rams don’t win this one they will go 4-12 on the season. They don’t put up points and their defense (while very good) could start looking towards that offseason a little bit early since they will likely be out of contention.

1. Week 17 Houston Texans @ Tennessee

This is probably THE must win. You close the season at home, potentially with your best season in the last four or five years. You have a talented young QB, a great running game, a very good offensive line, some players on defense.

On the other side, you are facing a team that likely has had a really rough final stretch and is out of contention for the AFC South crown (yep, I don’t think they win another game this year). Can you finish the season at 8-8 or possible 9-7? Can you head into an offseason with an optimist finish, 2 1st round picks and possibly a playoff birth?

All of that hinges on this game.

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