Tony Romo is being a part of the winning solution

Dallas Cowboys veteran quarterback Tony Romo is not for the faint of heart and will do anything to win.

On Tuesday November 15, 2016, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo spoke from the heart. He expressed his desire to be on the field contributing to a winning football team. He stated that he longed to be a part of the reason of the teams’ sudden success. Romo’s sentences were short, and to the point.

Each word Romo said seemed to pierce his football heart more and more. Sometimes, he would pause and gather himself. It almost seemed as if Romo was going to break down and shed tears for his 14-year employer.

The Dallas Cowboys have won eight straight games with rookie quarterback Dak Prescott at the helm. Not only has Prescott led the team to this historical feat, he’s also looked good doing it. The Mississippi State alum has been poised, versatile, efficient, and has not turned the football over in crunch time.

This is something that Romo has seldom done. It’s almost as if Dak is what Tony should’ve been and he knows it. Maybe Romo sees a little bit of Prescott in himself?

As Romo is at the podium, he looks down at his written statement and then back up again to connect with his audience. His eyes seem to reflect a withered man. A tired man. A man who is confirming that a younger, faster, stronger version of himself has arrived.

Romo is declaring that if this team has a distraction, it won’t be him. He is on board to mentor and guide Prescott whenever possible. By doing this, Romo is being a part of the winning solution.

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As with any NFL team, all things that transpire in the lock room usually stay there. So Tony Romo didn’t have to deliver a statement that day. He didn’t have to acknowledge that there was any controversy or question whom the starting quarterback was, but he did. He did so to bring clarity to the media so they can ask any other question to a player or coach.

In the past few weeks, neither head coach Jason Garrett nor Cowboys owner Jerry Jones would commit to whom their starting quarterback would be was once Romo was cleared to play. What Tony did was jump out in front of the situation. Instead of it being taken from him, he graciously and humbly gave up the starting quarterback position to Prescott.

Romo stated that Prescott deserved to start and that Tony would gladly help this Dallas Cowboys continue their success. Can Romo coach or mentor a young Dak all the way to a Superbowl? Only time will tell.

If Prescott goes down because of injury, the Dallas Cowboys have the best back up quarterback in the league in Romo. While many Cowboys fans wouldn’t wish that scenario would unfold, it would fulfill Tony’s ultimate desire: to be a part of the reason why the team is winning on field instead off of it.

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