Tony Romo has some advice for J.J. Watt on sacking quarterbacks

Now that they’re no longer competitors, recently retired quarterback Tony Romo felt it was finally safe to give Houston Texans star defensive end J.J. Watt a few tips on what he needs to work on.

Two days after Watt congratulated Romo on a great career, posting a video on Twitter of the three-time Defensive Player of the Year nearly sacking the elusive QB, Romo responded and gave the 28-year-old star a few pointers and a great compliment.

“I could hear you breathing as u were closing in,” Romo wrote. “Gotta work on those quiet feet as well. 😉 [You’re] the best in the game brother.”

The play in question occurred Oct. 5, 2014, when Romo escaped Watt’s grasp on second-and-4 with 6:23 left in the third quarter. Romo’s move gave him just enough time to hit Terrance Williams on a 43-yard touchdown in a game the Cowboys eventually won 20-17 in overtime.

It’s always interesting to get a peek into these types of conversations between two of the NFL’s best players, especially when respect is given on both sides.