Tony Jefferson worked hard this offseason to earn more playing time

Arizona Cardinals safety Tony Jefferson wants to earn more playing time this season. 

Arizona Cardinals safety Tony Jefferson wants to be on the field more this season so he spent his offseason trying to get better at covering tight ends. Now that Jimmy Graham has entered the NFC West, this will become a very important role for someone. 

Jefferson struggled at times last year guarding bigger receivers. He knows this offseason was important for him to improve on that if he wanted to earn more playing time in a crowded Cardinals secondary. 

“A lot of it’s technique,” Jefferson said, via ESPN. “You got to keep your technique. A lot of times watching film, I got out of my technique. I had bad eyes. I was looking at the quarterback. I wasn’t staying squared. I was just opening up and giving the guy a lane to run.

“I’m going to work on getting my hands on the tight ends and playing together.” 

No matter what role Jefferson plays this year, he vows to stay ready so he can capitalize on any opportunity he gets.

“Just got to do exactly what I did last year,” Jefferson said. “Stay ready, regardless of where I am. I can’t do anything about it. All I can do is just go out and play, practice with good etiquette and try to make as many plays as I can.

“I know I’ll see the field, but how much? I don’t know.”

(h/t ESPN)