‘Peyton Manning’ (Kristen Wiig) shows up for encore with Jimmy Fallon

The 'Peyton Manning' on Thursday's edition of 'The Tonight Show' looked a lot like actress Kristen Wiig.

Peyton Manning enjoyed his appearance on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" so much Wednesday night that he came back for an encore — or did he?

Someone dressed in full Denver Broncos uniform who curiously resembles actress Kristen Wiig sat with Fallon for Thursday night’s show to discuss Denver’s big Super Bowl win over Carolina. Only somehow this Manning didn’t remember the final score.

Some other curious takeaways from "Peyton Manning":

1. He forgot Von Miller’s name

2. He went to college at the University of Florida.


3. His dad was a coach. 

4. His favorite clothing store is Sears (that actually might be right).

5. He doesn’t know how to grip a football.

6. His throwing arm has deteriorated even more since Sunday.