Tom Savage Fumbles on Sack, Titans Recover For Touchdown (Video)

Apparently making bad turnovers is a pre-requisite for being the Houston Texans quarterback, as Tom Savage showed against the Tennessee Titans.

Tom Savage didn’t turn many heads with his first start for the Houston Texans last week. In fact, the replacement for Brock Osweiler looked quite miserable in the position, though he scraped by to get a win and lock up the AFC South. The hope, though, was that Week 17 would show improvement as they took on the Tennessee Titans. Instead, things got even worse right out of the gate.

Early in the first quarter, the Texans were backed up deep in their own territory. Needing their defense to make plays, the Titans pass rush got after Savage relatively quickly. However, the inexperienced quarterback should have been ready for a hit, but apparently wasn’t.

Sean Spence circled around the edge and delivered a nice hit on the Texans quarterback. Savage didn’t have the ball secured in the slightest and the ball came loose, rolling towards the end zone. As the scramble for the loose ball ensued, the pigskin crossed the goal line and the Titans were then able to jump on it for the opening touchdown, going up 7-0:

And to think that the Texans get a home game in the 2017 NFL Playoffs. Yuck.

Savage looked good when he came in mid-game in relief of the struggling $72 million man, Osweiler. However, he hasn’t been able to recapture that same type of magic since then. Thus, the Texans appear to be stuck in a bad situation at quarterback entering the postseason. In other news, water is wet.

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