Tom Coughlin reportedly in the future plans of the Jacksonville Jaguars

After another embarrassing and pathetic effort in a loss to the Denver Broncos, Jacksonville Jaguars fans can forage some hope from recent reports involving Tom Coughlin.

The Jacksonville Jaguars lost again on Sunday, more of the same in what’s become a lost season. Blake Bortles made some costly mistakes, Gus Bradley looked lost on the sidelines, and fans booed for a majority of the contest.

Fortunately, there was some good news to come out of Sunday and it had nothing to do with what we saw on the field. According to Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports, the Jaguars are expected to reach out to Tom Coughlin:

A reunion between Tom Coughlin, one of the most prominent figures in Jacksonville sports history, and the Jaguars is possible this offseason, according to league sources. Jags owner Shahid Khan is mulling over coaching changes, and Coughlin has appeal to the team in various capacities.

There has been plenty of speculation in recent weeks about Coughlin joining the franchise in some capacity because quite frankly it makes a ton of sense. Coughlin clearly wants to be involved with a football team again in some way and coming back to Jacksonville, the city where he’s rooted a large part of his life and legacy, is a logical fit.

Coughlin, 70, was pursuing coaching openings a year ago but is also viewed as an excellent candidate in a team president/football czar role. Bills ownership reached out to him earlier this season, but sources said that team is unlikely to make changes at this point given how the season has played out.

It’s interesting to see the Jaguars aren’t the only team interested, and I would expect Khan to approach Coughlin for a similar role.

Gus Bradley is not going to be the head coach of the Jaguars in 2017, but two big questions remain: what are the fates of David Caldwell and Blake Bortles:

While sources believe the Jags may retain GM Dave Caldwell, a restructuring of the front office is possible. The Jags have accrued some quality young talent but continue to finish last in the weak AFC South, and quarterback Blake Bortles has regressed.

Hopefully Tom Coughlin will be the guy deciding what to do with the faces of the franchise moving forward.

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