Tom Brady recruited Wes Welker to help him through his DeflateGate suspension

When the DeflateGate kerfuffle between Tom Brady and the NFL finally came to a conclusion, with the New England Patriots QB accepting his four-game suspension, the question immediately became how Brady would stay in shape during his four weeks away from the team.

Most speculated that the four-time Super Bowl winner would rope in former teammates such as Randy Moss as practice receivers, yet it was Gisele Bundchen who originally answered the call for her husband.

Don't worry guys. I will keep him ready. #Brady'scamp #IwillwhatIwant 😂😂😂 Não se preocupem. Ele vai estar preparado.

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This week, though, Brady apparently found a more experienced route runner for his impromptu practice sessions: Former Patriots teammate and current free agent Wes Welker.


So that’s one receiver for Brady. Now, he needs at least one more, plus a tight end, a few linemen, and maybe a member of the Belichick family who isn’t affiliated with the team to be his coach.

We’d say he needs a running back, but this is the Patriots we’re talking about. He might as well practice with an empty backfield. Of course, that brings up a different problem: Who’s going to play defense?

Is it that tiny dog in the picture with Gisele? Because we’d pay to see that.