Tom Brady uses hats to pick Instagram as his next social media platform (Video)

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady uses hats to select Instagram as his next social media account of choice on his Facebook account.

The New England Patriots are on a bye in the AFC Playoffs. While four AFC teams will be duking it out to advance to the AFC Division Round, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is too busy picking out what social media account he wants to add to his repertoire.

Brady, long an advocate for Facebook, took to his Facebook to announce that he would picking a second social media account to join. He had four hats laid out like he was picking a college or something. Brady toyed with us for a bit, but ultimately chose Instagram as his next social media platform.

Brady really thought about going with Twitter, but that may not have been a great decision for the starting quarterback for the Patriots. He wisely chose Instagram for a player of his stature. After making his commitment to Instagram, Brady would spike his hat like the superstar signal caller he is. “Let’s Go!!!”

Brady’s Patriots await their AFC Divisional Round opponent. Since New England is the No. 1 seed in the AFC Playoffs, they will face either the No. 4 Houston Texans, the No. 5 Oakland Raiders, or the No. 6 Miami Dolphins next weekend.

The lowest seeded teams of those three that advance will play New England in Foxborough on Saturday, Jan. 14 at 8:15 p.m. ET. CBS will have the primetime kickoff at Gillette Stadium a week from the day of Brady’s newest social media announcement.

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