Video shows alleged thief of Tom Brady’s Super Bowl jersey in Patriots locker room

A new video released Monday by Fox Sports 1 shows the alleged thief of Tom Brady's Super Bowl LI jersey entering and exiting the Patriots locker room after the game. 

The NFL said Monday that the jersey had been located following a joint investigation with the FBI. Houston police seemed to indicate the jersey was found in Mexico. 

Brady had said that the No. 12 game-worn jersey went missing after New England's 34–28 comeback overtime victory over the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl in Houston. Brady said he placed it in his locker and that he had team personnel look for it when he discovered it was gone.

The video isn't a smoking gun, but it clearly shows the person in question—whose face is blurred—leaving the locker room with an item he did not have when he entered. Jay Glazer broke down the footage on Fox Sports 1 on Monday. 

In a statement, the NFL said the jersey was found in the “possession of a credentialed member of the international media.” 

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