Brady vows improved ‘body language’

Watch Tom Brady play football on a good day, and you’d probably think to yourself, “Golly, there’s not much this guy can do to improve."

Watch him after a game like Thursday’s 13-10 win over the Jets, and you might think to yourself, “Gee willikers, everyone’s human, including the guy with the No. 12 jersey.”

There’s no doubt that Brady will get back to work as soon as possible, even with a 10-day layoff until the Patriots’ next game. He’s always looking to get better, and he’ll surely be feverishly studying the tape looking for new ways to improve.

He’ll also undoubtedly work with his young receiving corps, a group that certainly drew Brady’s ire at times Thursday night. That ire, Brady says, is also something he’s gotta work on. Brady was visibly demonstrative at times Thursday night, and was unafraid to show his feelings whether on the field or on the sideline.

It didn’t take an expert in body language to realize that much of Brady’s frustration was aimed directly at his receivers after drops or poorly executed routes. The frustration, especially for someone so competitive, is probably to be expected. However, Brady vows he’s going to work at that as well.

“I think I have to do a better job with my body language,” Brady said after the game, also admitting that sort of behavior can be counterproductive at times. “I definitely can improve that. I wouldn’t say it’s a real strong point of mine right now. We’ll just try to keep doing better. That’s what we’ve got to do.”


Given his track record, it’s likely that improvement will come sooner rather than later.

(Image courtesy Deadspin)