Tom Brady: It’s been a long time since we lost a meaningful game

Tom Brady pointed out it's been quite a while since the Patriots lost a game that truly mattered.
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

By Sam Galanis

FOXBORO, Mass. — The New England Patriots aren’t used to losing.

The Patriots took their first loss of the season in overtime against the Denver Broncos on Sunday, and there’s potential for it to factor into the AFC playoff standings. And that’s something quarterback Tom Brady hasn’t worried about in a while.

“I think we all want to get back out there because it’s been a long time since we lost a meaningful game,” Brady said Wednesday. “It just sucks. I’m glad we’re not in a position where we’re — it is always hard to win, especially going on the road against good teams. You’ve got to play really well, and when that game ends, you’ve got to, as fast as you can, turn the page and move on.”

The Patriots currently have the upper hand over the Broncos at 10-1 — Denver is 9-2 — but more losses could ruin New England’s chances at home-field advantage in the playoffs. They weren’t in this position last season, as they beat the Broncos and only lost to teams that weren’t in contention for an AFC playoff spot.

But as is the motto, the Patriots are leaving that game behind and are on to the Philadelphia Eagles.

“You can’t just play 45 good minutes or 30 good minutes,” Brady said. “Some weeks you get away with it, and I’d say you get lucky. Most of the time you’ve got to play to the end and hope that you play with concentration, that you play with all the energy and focus, all the way until the game ends. And if you don’t, then one play changes games. That was just one of those situations last week where we didn’t play as well as we would’ve liked to for 60 minutes. We have the opportunity this week to do that.”

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