Tom Brady does hilarious impression of The Rock to sell pajamas (Video)

Tom Brady spent his bye week perfecting his impression of The Rock so he could sell Under Armour sleepwear. 

The New England Patriots got a bye week during the Wild Card round. They certainly earned it as the top team in the AFC. Most of the players probably spent it relaxing and preparing for the Houston Texans. Tom Brady, apparently, spent it practicing his impression of The Rock.

He has a deal with Under Armour to sell sleepwear. Why he’s doing it? Who knows. His wife is among the biggest money makers in the model industry, so it’s clearly not just for money. Whatever the reason, Brady is sending The Rock sleepwear, and he wanted everyone to know so he posted it on Facebook.

Wow. This video is going to scar some people for life. If this is what he does when he gets bye weeks, he shouldn’t be allowed to have one ever again. This is a painfully awkward attempt by a quarterback who models Uggs to be tough. That said, Brady is hilarious in the video. Why he’s selling pajamas to Dwayne Johnson is unknown. But hopefully The Rock responds and makes sure to include a lot of references to deflated balls and Uggs.

Maybe Brady could get some acting lessons from the Hollywood star. Right now, The Rock is working on Baywatch and Jumanji, both movies scheduled to be released sometime in 2017. To be fair, while Brady is selling pajamas, at least he never dressed up like the Tooth Fairy.

The Patriots quarterback is looking to win his fifth Super Bowl. His journey begins against the Texans. Should Brady win this Super Bowl, he’ll go in the record books as the quarterback with the most Super Bowl titles in NFL history.

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