Todd Bowles stands firm with current coaching staff of Jets

Despite their rough start, head coach Todd Bowles of the New York Jets is standing firm with keeping his current coaching staff intact as the season progresses.

It’s not easy when you’re in a four-game losing streak. It’s even harder when you’re the current head coach of a team in the city that never sleeps. Head coach Todd Bowles and his New York Jets are on the outside looking in, sitting at 1-5 just six weeks into the season with hopes of a playoff berth lost in reality.

Bowles has unfortunately been one of the main reasons as to why the Jets are playing some of the worst football fans could ever dream of. It all comes down to coaching, training, and developing but at this point in time, Bowles is losing this locker room faster than a New York minute.

From a lack of discipline thanks to senseless penalties to a plethora of miscommunication all across the team, the Jets are just flat out terrible. While it’s good that Bowles made a big quarterback change from Ryan Fitzpatrick to Geno Smith, this was a move done too late.

The Jets should have changed quarterbacks weeks ago, as this was what needed to happen when Fitzpatrick threw nine interceptions in two consecutive games. The fact that Bowles and his coaching staff continued to let Fitzpatrick further embarrass himself and the franchise speaks volumes that there is no sense of urgency to get this team back in a winning direction.

The defense of the Jets has no sense of direction or consistency. To see Bowles put defensive end Sheldon Richardson in as a linebacker screams desperation.

It’s understood that the overall pass rush of the Jets is lacking but again, it’s a poor decision that has produced no successful results.

These are just a few of the decisions Bowles and his coaches have made but to see him keep his staff intact might come back to haunt him. If Smith provides no offensive spark and continues to add to the “same old Jets” mantra, the patience of fans and the higher-ups will be wearing thin asking for major coaching changes.

As per the Media Relations Department, here is what Bowles said about keeping his coaches intact, despite the struggles of the team, especially on offense:

On what makes him want to stand firm with this group of coaches despite the offensive struggles…

No different than makes me want to stand firm with the players. We’ve had success with the coaches and the players that we’ve had. We’re not having success right now in the past four weeks. Some people get rid of people and have success. Some people can get rid of people and have failure. You have to know what you have and you have to navigate it through and work towards getting better as a team. I think we have those people to do that.

Overall, change is good but just because Bowles went out on a limb and put Smith in as his new starting quarterback won’t erase the fact that terrible coaching is evident all across the team. Hopefully, Smith can bring a spark and earn a much-needed victory in Week 7 against the Baltimore Ravens, if not, Bowles and his coaching staff will have even more explaining to do.

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