Todd Bowles sends clear message to Jets for bye week

As the New York Jets prepare for their bye in Week 11, head coach Todd Bowles sent a clear message to all players to stay on the right track.

The New York Jets are currently 3-7 for the year and entering their bye week with a loss. It’s hard to believe this team lost to the abysmal Los Angeles Rams but it is what it is. Now, the Jets have a week off to heal up, improve, and at the very least, keep things focused on the task at hand.

With the way this season has unraveled, the Jets are on the outside looking in. We can all get rid of any thoughts of this team making an appearance in the NFL Playoffs and focus upon the future. Needless to say, many changes are coming to this team.

It’s hard to predict just how many changes exactly but the Jets need to take a good hard look at everything and make smarter decisions for the future. They need to truly see which players want to be a part of this franchise for the long haul and not bring any unnecessary distractions.

On Monday, head coach Todd Bowles had his usual conference call with the media. Besides breaking down what is happening at quarterback and what they plan to address this week, he chimed in his thoughts on the clear message he told the team. Well, two messages really as here is what he said in an article written by Ethan Greenberg of

Message No. 1: “Stay out of trouble. The obvious thing, rest up and get healthy. We have a lot of nicks, bumps and bruises right now, but let’s get ready for this stretch run.”

Message No. 2: “You say it all the time anyway because that’s how you start out playing ball games, but you’re always trying to win and get better. The name on your back is important and the name on the front of the jersey is important. You’re always trying to win. You have to win for a bunch of reasons and that’s our job to come in here and try to win. Mine as a coach, theirs as a player and ours as a team.”

Overall, hopefully, all the headlines coming out during this upcoming bye week are about the extra preparation for their upcoming game against the New England Patriots. The Jets can’t afford any extracurricular off-the-field news to serve as additional distractions.

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