Todd Bowles needs to fix mess with the Jets immediately

Head coach Todd Bowles of the New York Jets needs to fix this team before the season spirals out of control.

Optimism was in the air for the New York Jets heading to Kansas City this weekend. Hopes were high in that the Jets, coming off a huge win in Buffalo, would continue to dominate. Their offense was flat out incredible, and we had the momentum going into this Week 3 matchup.

Sure, Kansas City is a tough place to play, but the Jets’ defense was stellar, plus an exceptionally potent offense would silence the rabid fans in attendance. There would be no stopping playmakers like Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker, Quincy Enunwa, and Matt Forte.

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They all would pose quite the challenge for defensive coordinators. This is what we all thought before the game. How about after? Wow, really, what can be said? What happened? Four quarters of awful football, that’s what happened.

There was talk also before going into the game of how important it was to start building consistency, i.e., a consistent winner week in/week out. Instead, what we got was one of the most depressing losses in recent memory, the Jets team that rolled into Arrowhead Stadium soon saw all cause for optimism dashed, looking absolutely nothing like the juggernaut that destroyed the Bills just a week ago.

Of all things, what has come into clearer focus is that the team’s sloppy play in the season opener and today are what we can now expect from this Jets team.

Hot and cold.

When hot, really hot, and when cold, really cold!

In Week 3, the Jets were quickly dismantled by a speedy Chiefs team and have now set themselves up for a desperation game against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 4.

Oh, and the New England Patriots are 3-0 sans Tom Brady! Do they ever lose???

Anyway, back to the Jets, Mr. Todd Bowles, I’m writing directly to you, sir. It’s up to you to clean up mistakes; this is something you say often, and we believe it. But with this latest performance, it was clear right away in the first quarter that the team didn’t come to play. Which falls on your  shoulders, coach.

Add of course to this debacle of a game by quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, what is going on? Turning in an epically bad performance with six interceptions and a quarterback rating of 18.2. One now has to wonder, is Fitzpatrick really the answer? Should Bowles have removed him from the game? It’s going to be an issue moving forward, that is certain. I’m confident Bowles can fix it, but some things just have to get better, and fast!

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