Todd Bowles must man up or pack up with Jets

As the New York Jets fall to 1-5, head coach Todd Bowles finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place.

Few things are as embarrassing as the on-field performance of the New York Jets against the Arizona Cardinals. Well, except for head coach Todd Bowles‘ ever-present pouting.

Yes, amid the crippling interceptions and penalties, Gang Green’s own head coach resembled a sulking “Pepe the Frog.” On Monday Night Football, none the less. Sadness isn’t going to rally the troops. Yet, that didn’t stop Bowles from frowning his way through a tough 28-3 loss.

He did express mild annoyance once after a string of penalties. However, there was plenty to be vocal about.

Like quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick‘s continued poor play, backup quarterback Geno Smith‘s failed fourth quarter resurgence, and the defense’s constant mental errors.

Unfortunately, the list goes on and on.

It’s apparent that Bowles is not a good fit for the Jets. His lack of bravado and passion just doesn’t cut it when the going gets tough.

Sure, the whole stoic leadership style isn’t entirely uncommon. Coaches like the New England Patriot’s Bill Belichick have implemented it for years.

Yet, the Patriots don’t tend to get bludgeoned for five games straight, either.

Here’s a piece of advice, Mr. Bowles: stop letting your team slack.

Maybe, just maybe, a good verbal undressing will light a fire under this ball club. After all, nothing leads to complacency quite like a lack of consequences.

Which is why the Jets roster are collectively shrugging their shoulders aboard a sinking ship.

Once the vessel sprung a leak, players began looking out for their own security, rather than just patching up the damn hole.

So, where’s the captain? Standing idly by? That just isn’t acceptable.

Unless Bowles adjusts his coaching, this team will continue to fail. When this team continues to fail, he will eventually be met with the brunt of the blame. If met with the brunt of the blame, he can kiss the “Big Apple” goodbye.

There are only two choices moving forward: man up or pack up. Choose wisely.

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