Todd Bowles makes wrong decision at quarterback

Head coach Todd Bowles announced that he’s going back to quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick to be his starter in Week 12. He made the wrong decision in the grand scheme of things.

As the New York Jets are coming off a bye, they’re preparing for an AFC showdown in Week 12 against the New England Patriots. Well, it might actually be a beatdown considering just how bad the Jets are but at any rate, head coach Todd Bowles finally made his decision as to who his starting quarterback will be.

As per Rich Cimini of ESPN, Bowles has officially announced Fitzpatrick as his starter against the Patriots. It’s more than likely due to the fact that Fitzpatrick, at least on paper, gives the Jets a better chance to beat the Patriots. Either way, this decision is just as delusional as believing the Jets will be making the NFL Playoffs this season.

Whether quarterback Bryce Petty was ready or not for this game against the Patriots, going back to Fitzpatrick is the wrong move to make. He doesn’t have the accuracy or arm strength to deliver results and this season will go down as his worst one yet. For Bowles to return to Fitzpatrick won’t do anything more than have Bill Belichick and company smile as to the destruction they will cause in front of their home crowd.

Fitzpatrick won’t put the Jets in a better position to win this football game since this team has many more glaring issues, it’s insane. Petty, at the very least, would have given the Jets offense a more accurate option under center.

Petty’s arm strength is much better and will only get better over time. It doesn’t matter who the opponent is, Petty is more than capable of handling the pressure of a big game. Even though this game doesn’t mean anything in regards to its implications for an NFL Playoffs spot, Petty would have been the better option to stick with.

Overall, this decision was wrong in the grand scheme of things. Fitzpatrick won’t even be an option to return after this season as it doesn’t make sense to start him again considering how ineffective he’s been. The Patriots are one of the best teams playing in the NFL right now and are undoubtedly licking their chops waiting for this matchup now that Fitzpatrick is officially back.

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