Time to prove Jets are a top-10 NFL team

The New York Jets are (1-1) after two weeks of play in the NFL. But already the hype is building for this team.

While there are certainly better teams in the NFL than the New York Jets, apparently there’s not many. Well, that’s according to NFL Media Analyst, Elliott Harrison, who says there are only nine teams better than the Jets.

Lofty praise for a team that is currently entrenched in one of the toughest schedules in the league. Here’s what Harrison had to say to clarify his ranking of the Jets in the top-10:

“So, if you started Matt Forte in fantasy, you pretty much won your matchup this week. A hundred rushing yards and three touchdowns? Yeah, that’ll do the trick. In fact, the Jets were a fantasy gold mine on Thursday, with two wide receivers eclipsing the 100-yard mark and a third falling just 8 yards short. Back to Forte, though: Ask most people if he’s a Hall of Fame back and you’ll probably get a pensive look with a lot of “Meh.” But wait a second … Forte already has compiled 12,982 yards from scrimmage. Jerome Bettis made it a few years ago with 15,111 from scrimmage. Two below-average seasons from the Jets‘ new tailback and he’ll easily surpass that total. Then what.” via NFL.com

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Harrison isn’t the first person to throw roses at the Jets. The schedule makers, despite the difficulty, slotted the Jets into five prime-time games this season. The maximum amount allowed, which looks upon the Jets in great favor.

This week for the Jets could play a huge role in whether this team is still playing in January. The Kansas City Chiefs were on a winning streak of epic proportions last year. In 2016, they bring back the same nucleus from that NFL Playoff team.

They’re young and talented and they don’t shoot themselves in the foot. A nasty combination for the Jets to face, on top of the fact, that this will be another tough road game in Arrowhead.

A nasty combination for the Jets to face, on top of the fact, that this will be another tough road game in Arrowhead Stadium.

Head coach Todd Bowles does a magnificent job keeping this team level headed. When they lost a close one to the Cincinnati Bengals, they were even-keeled.

When they lost a close one to the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 1, they were even-keeled.

When they beat the Buffalo Bills for the first time in the last six attempts, they were still even-keeled. That’s a huge key for the Jets and having a short-term memory is important especially again considering the slate they have awaiting them.

If the Jets can survive this stretch at .500 or better, they will be in prime position to make the playoffs for the first time in five years. Analysts are starting to say the Jets are a top-10 team and now it’s time to prove it.

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