Tebow’s faith strong despite showing

Tim Tebow has never been shy about professing his faith, and that eagerness to proselytize apparently appears after a poor performance on the field, too.

Tebow struggled in his first preseason action for the New England Patriots Friday, completing four of his 12 passes for 55 yards and running for 31 yards on four carries. He was also sacked three times, but at least he didn’t throw any interceptions. (And the Patriots won.)

One would probably forgive Tebow for not being in the most chipper of moods after a debut like that, but apparently that wasn’t the case — at least not if this exchange is any indication:

So, that’s what happens when you use the Lord’s name in vain in the Patriots locker room, proof that Tebow is no less likeable in New England than he was in New York or Denver. Unfortunately, that faith won’t win him any playing time in the regular season, and Saturday’s performance won’t be earning him any time on the field, either.

"I think I’ve got room for improvement," Tebow told Boston.com after the game. "I did some things well, there are some other things I’d like to do better and I think that’s what these games are for.

"I definitely want to learn from it and improve and next week do a little bit better."