Tebow’s success translates to book sales

Five fourth-quarter comebacks have translated into skyrocketing book sales for Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.

His memoir, "Through My Eyes: A Quarterback’s Journey," debuted on May 31 and stayed on the best-seller list for 13 weeks. But it returned to the nonfiction hardcover best-seller list three weeks ago and recently snapped to No. 8.

The book had its highest sales last week.

"We have to go back to reprint practically every day," HarperCollins Senior Vice President Lisa Sharkey said. "We didn’t anticipate this kind of a season."

Co-author Nathan Whitaker said of writing the book with the Denver Broncos quarterback, "We went over every word together . . . He said, ‘Gosh, the way you’ve written about it sounds likes I’m bragging.’

"We left out half of his awards because he was afraid it would come off as bragging. . . . He had them [trophies and plaques] in boxes; he had them in closets. He wanted to make sure it didn’t come across in a way that really wasn’t him. . . . He’s just one of the guys."

Tebow could not produce any last-minute magic Sunday as Tom Brady’s New England Patriots handed the Broncos a 41-23 defeat in Denver, snapping the Broncos’ six-game winning streak.

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