Star QB, TE and rabbi tired of Tebow

The NFL’s hottest story the past two months has been the amazing ride of Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos. But not everyone is onboard the Tebow Express.

For every diehard fan of the Denver Broncos’ starting quarterback, who has gone 7-1 in his eight starts this season, an equal amount of haters — especially among NFL players — are speaking out against the over-the-top attention for the wonder known as Tebow.

On Friday Ravens QB Joe Flacco vented to Baltimore radio station WNST about Terrific Tim.

"I like Tim, but you have a tendency to want to — I don’t want to see Tim do bad — but look what happens after he wins a football game," Flacco said. "If you watched ‘SportsCenter’ today, it was Tim Tebow then something else, Tim Tebow then something else, and Tim Tebow then something else.

"When we beat the Steelers, were we on TV? No. I couldn’t even find a Baltimore Ravens highlight.”

Meanwhile in Green Bay, home of the defending Super Bowl champion Packers — who also happen to be 13-0 this season — tight end Jermichael Finley shared his disdain for the abundance of Tim Tebow coverage these days.

“I sit at home, start watching TV and all I’m seeing is Tebow,” Finley told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “That’s kind of disturbing. We have a guy here (Packers QB Aaron Rodgers) that’s breaking records every week and you have a guy in Tebow that’s saying ‘God’ every word and he gets coverage. Of course I love my faith and God, but come on man.”

It’s not just players who are fed up with Tebow talk. A New York City rabbi wrote a column on the website of The Jewish Week warning that Tebow success could “emboldened faithful can do insane things, like burning mosques, bashing gays and indiscriminately banishing immigrants. While America has become more inclusive since Jerry Falwell’s first political forays, a Tebow triumph could set those efforts back considerably.”

Rabbi Joshua Hammerman issued an apology and the column was pulled Friday.

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