Can Tim Tebow win you free underwear?

Tim Tebow has caused a seismic split among sports fans this year. Some folks are all aboard the Tebow train, while others hate him more with each pleasant word that comes out of his mouth.

Yet, if there’s one thing that can bring these two sides together, it just might be underpants.

Well, underpants and undershirts, more specifically, as Jockey announced it will give away $1 million worth of its product if Tebow and the Broncos can win the Super Bowl. In addition to the 40,000 fans that will be swimming in their own personal swimming pools of white T-shirts and boxer briefs, one lucky fan will win $15,000 (because of his jersey number, get it?) as well.

But don’t soil those old undies just yet — Tebow and the Broncos winning it all is still quite the long shot. Their lead in the AFC West could still slip away in the final three weeks, and they’ll likely need to win three playoff games (two on the road) in order to even make the Super Bowl.

But the Jockey folks are putting their faith in the kid who’s 7-1 as a starter and appears incapable of ever losing again.

"Tim has proven that he is a gifted athlete, a true leader and above all, a winner," said Jockey’s chief marketing officer Dustin Cohn. "In fact, we at Jockey believe in Tim so much, that we’re offering the chance to celebrate history in the making in a big way."

That big way, of course, is underpants.