Tim Tebow explains why he chose baseball over changing positions in the NFL

"Tim Tebow: baseball player" is a real thing, no matter how much you might try to ignore it. But according to the former quarterback, the NFL hasn’t stopped knocking on his door just because he changed careers.

When Tebow joined the Dan Patrick Show on Thursday, he said he still gets calls from the league gauging his interest in playing — at positions other than QB, anyway. His response? Thanks, but no thanks.

Patrick also asked Tebow, who signed a minor-league deal with the Mets, if he’d asked Michael Jordan for advice on making the transition from a different sport to baseball. Unfortunately for those of us who love comedy, Tebow shot down that idea. Frankly, if he wanted to get some advice, Deion Sanders might be a better mentor, anyway.

Reports came out in 2013 that various teams contacted Tebow about a position change in the NFL, but the 2007 Heisman trophy winner refused to consider such a move. Now, we know why. While the football world tried to turn Tebow into something he’s not, he was dreaming of baseball.