Chuck Norris fully backs Tebow

Not a lot is going Tim Tebow’s way right now. But hey,

Chuck Norris has his back.

The ‘80s action star


target="_blank">wrote in his blog that Tebow is the

“ultimate clutch player” and that the Jaguars should

get him — now.

“Tim could help turn that mediocre team into a

championship one,” Norris wrote. “Tebow works miracles

on the field, and his inclusion would embolden the spirit of the

Jaguars’ players and fans.”

Norris likely was referring to Tebow’s 2011 heroics while

playing for the Denver Broncos:

But Chuck might have selective amnesia because he didn’t make

much mention of Tebow’s rocky stay with the Jets last season.

But who can really argue with a guy who held his own against

Bruce Lee?