Reaction to Jamie Collins Trade, A Conversation with Matt Ryan

The Patriots traded Jamie Collins?! The Patriots traded Jamie Collins. In this week's episode of The MMQB Podcast with Albert Breer, I lead off with some thoughts on the shocking Collins trade, and finish up with a talk with Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan.

2:28: Thoughts on the Jamie Collins trade.
Segments with Emily Kaplan
7:55: I’m an Idiot. Albert and Emily share the moments over the past week of football that made them say, “I’m an idiot.”
13:12: Overreactions. Albert and Emily confess to which football happenings made the overreact this past weekend.
17:28: I’m Not Having Fun Anymore. Inspired by Odell Beckham, this segment is about players and teams that, at the moment, are, well, not having fun anymore.
#Blessed Which player or team was #blessed this week?
27:21: On to Cincinnati A look at some teams or players who have to leave the recent past behind them.
30:26: Matt Ryan Interview
Breer's six pack of Twitter questions

53:37: Are there any defensive backs the Cowboys can go after, after the injuries to Barry Church and Morris Claiborne?
54:59: Who do you think is the mid-season MVP?
57:17: Myles Garrett vs. the field for the number one overall pick—who are you taking?
59:44: Seattle defensive cast-offs Dan Quinn and Gus Bradley are both running 4-3s, both allowing more than 28 ppg, but only one is on the hot seat. What does this say about scheme talent?
1:00:52: Do you see the 49ers doing anything before the deadline? The team is crap.
1:02:14: Why would Belichick let a handpicked/scouted player go for so cheap?
1:03:31: Who’s the best Lincoln-Sudbury athlete of the last 15 years?

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