The Redskins finally catch a break with Jamison Crowder

Washington rookie Jamison Crowder was cleared of abuse charges.
Matt Hazlett/Getty Images

By Brett Conway

The Washington Redskins finally caught a break and received some good news on their new slot receiver this morning.

Jamison Crowder had allegations on him for domestic violence. The woman he allegedly beat popped up with bruises and other cuts, blaming the young rookie wideout for the bodily harm.

Even with the allegations and the pictures to prove this woman has been hit, the NFL investigators could not tie the harm to Crowder. This is good news for Redskins fans, because we all know how serious the NFL takes domestic violence cases nowadays.

Crowder is thought of as a slot receiver and a return guy for the Redskins this season, and losing him would have hurt the special teams and the receiving corps. The fourth-round pick out of Duke has been hampered by hamstring injuries all this preseason, except for catching four passes for 41 yards and a touchdown.

This isn’t a huge story for Washington, but with as controversial as the franchise is it’s always nice to hear some good news, no matter how minor it may be.

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