The Oakland Raiders Officially File For Relocation To Las Vegas

Mark Davis and the Oakland Raiders formally filed paperwork with the NFL for relocation to Las Vegas.

As expected, it was announced Thursday morning by Clark County Commission chairman Steve Sisolak that Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis has formally filed for relocation to Las Vegas.

The NFL issued the following statement.

Davis has been on the record that he has been committed to Las Vegas for quite some time, and his position strengthened after the Nevada state legislature approved $750 million in public funds for a $1.9 billion stadium.

The Raiders’ formal application has been submitted to the NFL, and it must be approved by 24 owners. The owners will meet during March 26-29, so the decision could come as early as March, but it also has the possibility to be pushed back.

Coincidentally enough, the Raiders filing for relocation comes on the 15-year anniversary of The Tuck Rule.

The city of Oakland is still working on a proposal to keep the Raiders in town, led by a group headed by Ronnie Lott. But reports have stated that their proposal isn’t feasible.

If the Raiders do relocate, this will be the third team in two seasons to leave their respective city, following the Chargers departure from San Diego, and the Rams leaving St. Louis.

As a Raiders fan, relocation is nothing new. Raider Naiton has seen multiple attempts by the Raiders to move. Whether this move actually happens or not, is something everyone will keep their eyes on.

Stay tuned…

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