Introducing ‘The Maestro’: FOX Sports Digital’s new video series

Los Angeles-based film maker/personality Levi Maestro is creating a new online series for FOX Sports entitled "The Maestro." This series will be an adapted format of Levi’s current series "Maestro Knows," which began in 2009 and features short-form pieces that entertain and educate audiences about guests of all different creative efforts. In "The Maestro," figures from the world of sports take center stage.

First up in the video series (above) is Green Bay Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb. Maestro follows Cobb as he goes through his offseason workout at the Under Armour facility in Baltimore, heads out on the Chesapeake Bay to experience crabbing for the first time and goes inside the kitchen at Baltimore’s world renowned Faidley’s Seafood to see how crabs are prepared.

Maestro’s philosophy is that everyone wants to be able to relate. Staring at the gap between sports and lifestyle, Maestro will set out to build a bridge from the superhumans we see on screen to the true humans they are outside of work. Even if you’ve done something all your life and you say it’s who you are, the day you begin to get paid for it … it becomes a job. Let’s look at things from that perspective, the one that we sit with at home, wondering why no one is asking what we’re thinking, the information we’d really love to know. Maestro is the fan who got the chance to do so.

Watch the debut episode with Cobb above and come back in two weeks for Episode 2, featuring Miami Heat star Chris Bosh.