The Giants promised blood and that’s just what the Cowboys took

The New York Giants made sure to run their mouths before Sunday’s showdown against the Dallas Cowboys. Defensive back Terrell Thomas guaranteed a win and defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul talked about "blood being spilled."

OK, fine.

Well, the Cowboys did their talking with their play, beating the Giants 24-21. And the only blood "spilled" was smeared on defensive tackle Jason Hatcher’s face:

Hatcher posted this caption: "They say blood would be shed. Just finished eating a giant. #actionspeaklouderthanwords"

Don’t worry, it’s fake.

"We just got disprespected. You know what I mean? We didn’t talk all week," Hatcher told the New York Daily News. "We let them do all the talking. And revenge is best served cold."

Amen to that. The Giants’ pregame bravado was a source of confusion in the Cowboys locker room.

What’s more, the trash-talking kept going during pregame warmups, when both team had to be separated at midfield.

"For them to change their whole thing pregame and meet us at the 50-yard line and they had music on cue with it, it was laughable to me," Scandrick said.

Oh, well. It’s clear the better team won on Sunday, but that doesn’t mean every Giants player had to like it. In fact, one in particular decided to try and send a message with a tweet: