The Denver Broncos must find a long term solution at head coach

The Denver Broncos are seeking their third head coach since 2011. They need to make their next hire count if they want to be competitive for the long haul…

Is it too much to ask for the Denver Broncos to be a dynasty? That’s all the fans really want…

In all seriousness, the next hire at head coach for the Denver Broncos must be a long-term solution. The Broncos hired John Fox in 2011 to patch up what was a complete mess left by Josh McDaniels.

They hired Gary Kubiak in 2015 after Fox’s team failed to win a Super Bowl in three seasons. Kubiak won it all in his first season, but is reportedly likely to step down after Sunday’s game, we presume for health reasons.

Kubiak’s 2016 crew will also be the first Broncos team to miss the playoffs since they won just four games in 2010.

I look around at the great teams in this league, and the ones that are consistently in the thick of the playoff race at the end of the year are the ones that have stability on their coaching staff and at the quarterback position.

The Broncos — if we’re being honest — need to find both.

That’s why I really hope John Elway is thinking more long-term with this next move. He decided on Kubiak the last time around because Kubiak was the right coach — a veteran coach who loves the Broncos — for the right team. It was the perfect storm.

It’s become clear that the Broncos need to adapt to the rest of the NFL, and that means hiring a head coach that is adaptable. As Bill Belichick let the whole world know, there’s nothing that has changed about the way Kubiak and his staff do things over the years.

I’m not going to suggest the Broncos go after an ego maniac like Josh McDaniels again, but my proposal would be to get after a coach that can be around for a long, long while. That means going young(er) and going after someone who is truly an asset to a team, not just a placeholder.

To me, Vance Joseph (Miami) and Kyle Shanahan (Atlanta) look like the most attractive options, though I’m admittedly in the infancy stage of my own personal coaching search for the Broncos.

Not like my opinion really matters, but I’m going to keep throwing it out there…

Vance Joseph is just 44 years of age, and Kyle Shanahan is only 37. Those are the type of young coaches that can grow with a team. They’ve established themselves in this league, and they have proven they are adaptable.

John Elway has always said he wants the Broncos to be good ‘from now on’ and bringing in a head coach who is young, experienced, and qualified would — in my opinion — be the best way to do that.

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