The Denver Broncos have crushed the mannequin challenge

The Denver Broncos have slain the ‘Mannequin Challenge’, the latest fad that is taking social media by storm. Check it out…

There’s a craze going around the internet right now called the ‘mannequin challenge’ and if it’s a competition, the Denver Broncos have won it.

For those of you who have never heard of the mannequin challenge, it’s basically as many still shot picture poses as you can fit in a video with music going in the background. People in the scene stay as still as possible while one person with a camera walks around the scene, and it’s absolutely ridiculous.

Give it a Google sometime, if you have three hours to kill…

For now, you can take a minute and watch the Super Bowl Champions, who are also in my opinion the current mannequin challenge champions. This is pretty good.

(PS – I believe some lyrics in the background are NSFW, so beware…)

Coming off of a loss on the road to the Oakland Raiders, it’s good to see the Broncos in good spirits. This is a team that has a great locker room culture, and clearly one of the most awesome locker rooms in the league in general.

How nice is that place?

What is your favorite pose from the Broncos’ attempt at the mannequin challenge? Personally, I love Will Parks with the hot sauce or the effort it took to suspend some garbage mid-air.

That’s pretty strong, right there.

The Denver Broncos travel to New Orleans this week to take on the Saints, in football related news.

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