The Dallas Cowboys need more turnovers to take the next step

The Dallas Cowboys need to find a way to improve all aspects of their defense and force more turnovers.

While watching the Super Bowl on Sunday night, it was very clear right away; Defense wins championships. The Dallas Cowboys need to find a way to improve all aspects of their defense and force more turnovers.

Of course pass-rush is a hot-topic in Dallas – which it should be – but turnovers and play makers should also be discussed when thinking about how to improve this defense. The Cowboys desperately need a player or two that has a knack for the ball and can make magical things happen.

Dallas will likely spend much of this offseason turning over every rock in hopes of improving the defense. Through a combination of free agency and the NFL draft, and maybe a trade (think Tony Romo) America’s team will be diligent in their search for players to improve a unit that feels like it hasn’t lived up to standards in half a decade.

During the search the front office wont have to focus on just one position like a defensive-end to improve this defense. It could use difference makers at every level of this defense.

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So, if the Cowboys are able to pick up a turnover-machine at corner back, linebacker, safety, or defensive line, it’s only going to help them take the next step of winning a championship. This is where director of personnel Will McClay shines and I trust he will make great decisions in selecting new talent for the defense.

While offense is fun to watch in football, almost every single year the Super Bowl championship comes down to the team that plays the best defense. This is a tried-and-true method that stands the test of time of every scheme out there. Play great defense and you’ll always have a chance to win it all.

The night is always darkest right before dawn, and it appears dawn is near for the Dallas defense. Reinforcements are coming from last years draft class, and hopefully much more help will be added throughout the draft and free agency process. Because as we know, defense wins championships.

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