The Dallas Cowboys must sign this free agent

With a massive need for a pass rush, the Dallas Cowboys must make signing this defensive end a priority in the upcoming offseason.

The Super Bowl has officially come and gone, and the New England Patriots are kings of the NFL again.  Unfortunately, the Dallas Cowboys watched from their couches, getting ready to make another run at the elusive Lombardi Trophy in the fall.  With free agency looming, their is one player the ‘Boys absolutely must target.

Longtime Cowboy DeMarcus Ware will be a free agent come March.  Since pass rusher is one of the most pressing needs for this team, this seems like a match made in heaven.

On top of that, Ware has expressed interest in returning to Dallas.

Number 94 was one of my favorite players to watch growing up.  Seeing him terrorize opposing quarterbacks was one of the best parts of any Cowboys game.  Seeing him in the blue and silver again would be a dream come true.

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It probably comes down to money, as Ware was released in 2014 because of his price tag.  I don’t believe the front office would be willing to pay a premium for his services, especially considering he’ll turn 35 before next season.

In his career with Dallas, he amassed 116 sacks, setting a franchise record in the process.  In his prime, he notched a 19.5 sack season, and a 20.0 sack season.  Obviously he won’t be nearing that production in the twilight of his career.

What Ware could provide is a nice rotational piece, and veteran leadership.  The Cowboys would certainly love the latter, as they need to develop some young defensive lineman to be the future of this team’s front seven.

Would Ware consider returning to Dallas on a team friendly deal for one more run?  Let us know what you think in the comments!

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