The complete misuse of Bilal Powell by Jets

The New York Jets continue to amaze fans for all the wrong reasons this season. None more evident than their complete misuse of running back Bilal Powell.

At this point in time, the New York Jets are 3-6 and rightfully hold the last place in the AFC East. Yes, even the Miami Dolphins have a better record this season at 4-5 and beat them in Week 9. In a game where the Jets had plenty of ways to leave Miami victorious, they truly dropped the ball in the grand scheme of things.

Running back Bilal Powell, besides many other players as well, have been a massive disappointment. Not all the blame should really fall on Powell’s shoulders, but rather, the inexcusable offensive playcalling of the Jets. The Jets decided to pass much more than run the football in Sunday’s loss to the Dolphins.

Mind you, this was facing a team that was terrible against the run, the Jets thought that perhaps they could find magic airing out the football. Of course, it horribly failed but what is mind boggling is how they continue to misuse Powell on offense.

Last season and ironically enough right around this time of year, Powell was heating up. He was truly a force to reckon with either on the ground or as a receiving option. His ability to take the top off of defenses and push the envelope left fans excited for his continued career. So far in 2016, for reasons unknown, Powell just hasn’t been used properly.

To date, he’s totaled just 235 rushing yards, 36 attempts, and a touchdown. As a receiving option, he’s totaled only 188 yards, 29 receptions, and zero touchdowns. The Jets aren’t committing to the run as they did in their three victories this season which truly makes no sense. Powell can be an x-factor for the Jets but their idea of trying to win football games on the arm of the struggling Ryan Fitzpatrick will continue to fail.

Until the Jets wake up and realize to stick with both Matt Forte and the amazing dynamic Powell brings to the table, they will continue to be on the outside looking in. The talent is there for Powell to really put the Jets in a position to win more football games but unfortunately, continues to get misused in favor of a failing passing attack.

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