The best moments from the ReUnion with Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Reggie Wayne and Michael Irvin



It’s the only word to describe what went down in Miami Beach on Wednesday, when some of the biggest names in Miami history got together for “The ReUnion.”

Former Hurricanes Michael Irvin, Reggie Wayne, Ed Reed and Ray Lewis sat down in Lummus Park as part of FOX’s Super Bowl Week festivities, and what ensued was a must-see conversation:

The ReUnion was also one heck of a party — a party complete with a surprise Hall of Fame guest:

And sure, we all already knew Jimmy Johnson was more than worthy of his Hall of Fame nod, but if you needed any more proof, just ask his fellow Hurricanes:

Johnson got a pretty grand (un)official welcome to the Hall:

And we heard how Ray Lewis and Michael Irvin were there for each other, too:

Of course, Irvin being there was always a matter of time — his time.

Greatness recognized greatness, too, as the guys reflected on the legacy of the late Kobe Bryant:

Some fun recruitment stories were shared:

So were some of the hardships that shaped them when they got there:

But with a loyal, loving mom by his side, Reggie Wayne could handle anything:

All in all, it was a night full of fun …

… a little trash talk …

… and a whole lotta love: