Texans Tidbits: What we Learned from Weeks 2&3

The Texans got two very differing results in the two games they played this week. Here is what we learned from both of them:

1. Brock Osweiler must take better care of the ball

In the week one edition of this column, I wrote that Osweiler would have a big year. However, I did also speculate that he might put up some big numbers without being a very effective quarterback. Through three games he has three touchdowns and four interceptions are not going to cut it as a long term solution for the Texans.

However, three interceptions came in the games against Kansas City and New England. Those are two of the tougher defenses in the league. So perhaps Osweiler is not quite there against the best teams yet, but he can still get it done against most of the competition. In the AFC South, you don’t have the be great to win it.

By the end of the season, I bet he will be playing better against the good teams. There is enough talent around him to succeed, and I think this is a bump in the road, but it still must be watched carefully.

2. The run defense may not be fixed after all

Against the Patriots the run defense seemed to revert back to the form of early 2015. Which is surprising considering that Benardrick McKinney and Vince Wilfork both played well. John Harris of Houstontexans.com wrote that that Wilfork was “outstanding. Purely outstanding. He had seven tackles and played the best I’ve seen him since he got to Houston.” Harris continued, “He beat a double team early in the game to tackle LeGarrette Blount for no gain that was vintage Big Daddy. That man showed up to play on national television in front of a nationwide audience, but he also gave the Patriots fans a glimpse of what the man can still do.”

McKinney had a career high 16 tackles at New England, but without Brian Cushing the Texans could not slow down LeGarrette Blount.

3. The Special Teams still are not fixed

Two fumbles on kickoff returns? That is just unacceptable. Moreover, the unit did not look very good covering kicks against the Chiefs. Tyreek Hill averaged almost 28 yards per kick return and he reached the end zone on one return before it was called back because of a penalty.

This unit is still the achilles heel of this team. Larry Izzo better get this unit into shape quickly.

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