Texans Tidbits: What we Learned From Week 12

There are lessons from every NFL game. Here are the ones we learned from yesterday’s loss to the Chargers:

1. The offensive line is in bad shape

I didn’t think losing Derek Newton would have this profound of an impact on the offensive line. Yesterday the unit was just lousy–and no it was not all to blame on Chris Clark. He didn’t have a good day, but neither did the other guys.

Joey Bosa is having a good rookie year, but he looked like Reggie White yesterday. Even Melvin Ingram got the better of Duane Brown on multiple occasions. Of course the run game never got anything going, and San Diego nose tackle Damion Square got in on the pass rush action. Just a bad performance all around; and we know that Brock Osweiler folds like a cheap lawn chair under pressure.

2. Brock Osweiler needs to look at someone other than DeAndre Hopkins

Throughout the game, it seemed like Osweiler was throwing to Hopkins so much because someone told him to. While getting Hopkins involved is a good thing to do, it should not take precedence over winning. If the Texans can win with Osweiler throwing more to tight ends and the other receivers, let it be done.

This goes back to the issue of play calling–which did not get solved when Bill O’Brien took back play calling. I think O’Brien is a good coach overall, but he also needs to not call plays. He ran up the middle into the teeth of the Chargers run defense way too often and it did not work. A total lack of flexibility is killing this team on offense.

3. The secondary is getting progressively worse

Last week I figured was just an abberation against one of the most talented offenses in the NFL. As it turns out, there seems to be more to the story. The secondary let guys like Tyrell Williams and Dontrelle Inman run wild on them.

Andre Hal has not had the impact I was expecting when he was moved to safety. The ball skills that he showed often in 2015 have not been seen too often this season. But if I had to describe how the secondary looked in one word, it would be–old. Johnathan Joseph, Kareem Jackson and Quintin Demps are certainly not spring chickens. While A.J. Bouye has played well, not having Kevin Johnson has been detrimental. I think there’s a chance one of Joseph or Jackson is not with the team next season.

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