A Texans rookie got stuck with a $16,000 dinner bill

(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Getty Images/Wesley Hitt

Rookies paying for a big team meal is typically a rite of passage in sports, but not all tabs are created equal.

Take, for instance, the bill that Houston Texans rookie safety K.J. Dillon was stuck with this week.

I guess it’s easy to hit the over on a $16,000 dinner when you’re racking up fancy schmancy Hennessy drinks at $350 a pop. I have never personally tried a Hennessy Paradis Imperial, but I can assure you that no beverage is worth that much money.

Dillon is earning a base salary of $450,000 this year, which means that the expensive dinner amounts to about 3.6 percent of his take. And that’s not even including gratuity — and, on that note, congrats to this table’s server.

The worst part of it all? Dillon says he ordered a salad for dinner and he didn’t drink any of the booze. Brutal.

That’s a tough hit for Dillon, but it could be worse — he could be a baseball player. Money comes and goes, but baseball’s hazing techniques will live with you forever.