Texans new video boards to be world’s largest

The Houston Texans are hoping two massive new video screens will

help lure the 2017 Super Bowl to Reliant Stadium.

The Texans are in the process of installing the video boards,

which will be ready for use in Houston’s first preseason game in

August. Cowboys Stadium in Arlington currently has the biggest

screens, and Houston’s will be about 30 percent larger than


The two new boards will have about six times the area than the

current video boards and will be placed in each end zone.

Each of Houston’s boards will be 53 feet high and 277 feet wide,

which is wider than the wing span of a 747 jet. The screens at

Cowboys Stadium are each 72 feet high and 160 feet wide. Screens at

both stadiums are manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric’s Diamond


Host sites for the 2016 and 2017 Super Bowls are expected to be

voted on by owners next month. San Francisco and Miami are

finalists for the 2016 game, and Houston will vie with the

runner-up for the 2017 game.

”This is going to be an important part of our presentation to

the ownership,” team president Jamey Rootes said. ”We think it

will be a compelling selling point for our bid.”

The Texans hosted the Super Bowl in 2004, and Houston has come

up short in campaigns to bring it back in recent years.

”The NFL likes to play in the latest and greatest stadiums with

the best technology and you’re not going to find a better

video-related technology,” Rootes said. ”I think we’ve got a lot

of great advantages and this is one of the things we’ll be talking


The new screens will be immensely larger than any end zone

display in the NFL. They will be about 70 percent larger than LP

Field in Nashville, which currently has the biggest NFL end zone


The screens that Houston has had in the stadium since it opened

in 2002 were just 2,592 square feet and were not HD. The new ones

will be 14,549 square feet.

Officials didn’t simply make the improvement to snag the Super

Bowl; they’re also hoping to enhance the overall experience for


”From a video perspective, we will be able to provide the fans

similar or even better than they have in their homes from a video

presentation,” Rootes said. ”We will have the clarity of high

definition for the first time. This is the type of board that will

pay dividends for us for years to come.”

The Texans wanted the screens to remain in the end zones as to

not take away from the action on the field.

”That’s where we want the primary focus,” Rootes said of the

field. ”But during break in the action, we’ll have that available

up in each end zone for the fans.”

The new boards will also have the capability to access a number

of different feeds, allowing highlights from games outside of the

stadium to be shown, which wasn’t possible in the past. They’ll

also have statistics from the Texans game as well as scores and

statistics from around the league on the boards.

Another addition will be a new slow-motion instant replay

machine that will have four extra camera angles for replays.