FOX stars try hand at NFL picks


1. OAKLAND over PHILADELPHIA. Could be a repeat of Super Bowl XV- same score 27-10 -with Foles intercepted 3 times, and not Jaworski.

CLEVELAND over BALTIMORE. Clearly, dogs are stronger than birds. This is a very easy pick.

INDIANAPOLIS over HOUSTON. As luck would have it … actually, that’s it: Luck would have it that his team win.


1. EAGLES over RAIDERS. I’m going with the Eagles because all that bad boy persona with the Raiders is no good after high school. The ugly duckling always turns into an eagle in the end. (Do I sound bitter?)

2. RAVENS over BROWNS. I’m going with the Ravens because I can’t wrap my mind around last year’s Super Bowl Champions performing worse than they already have. It’s against all natural laws.

3. COLTS over TEXANS. Gotta go with the Colts on this one because of the injuries to Arian and Cushing. Huge blows on both sides of the ball. The training room is no place to win a game.

Jake Johnson (NEW GIRL)

1. BEARS over PACKERS. “Being a Chicago native – of course I’m picking the Bears over GB – and Cutler will be back on the field next week!”

2. PANTHERS over FALCONS. “I think the Panthers will win at home. Ron R is an old Bear and knows how to win.”

3. SAINTS over JETS. “The Saints will beat the Jets.”

4. RAMS over TITANS. “I think the Rams beat the Titans. Although this game is tricky.”

Peter Riegert (DADS)



Martin Mull (DADS)

1. SEATTLE over TAMPA BAY. ‘Hawks win by 14

2. NEW ENGLAND over STEELERS. Patriots win by 7

Ike Barinholtz (THE MINDY PROJECT)

1. CHIEFS over BILLS. I don’t think Kansas City will ever lose another game ever again.

2. COWBOYS over VIKINGS. This will be fun to watch knowing in 10 years Romo will be the Vikings QB

3. WASHINGTON over SAN DIEGO. If the Redskins win they will clinch the NFC east.


1. CHIEFS over BILLS. Chiefs are 8-0 and the number 1 team in Football right now and the Bills are just okay.

2. COWBOYS over VIKINGS. Minnesota has many injuries. The Cowboys need to win this game for division purposes and are actually a better team.

3. CHARGERS over REDSKINS. They have a better record than the Skins, but this game could go either way.