Terrell Suggs: The Man, The Myth, The Sizzle

Terrell Suggs is a once in a lifetime talent, showing us why he should never be counted out:

The Baltimore Ravens drafted Terrell Suggs in 2003 and that decision has certainly paid off. Suggs has 112.5 sacks in his illustrious career. The man that we so affectionately call “T-Sizzle” has had six seasons in which he recorded double digit sacks. If you count solo and assisted tackles together, we’re talking about 748 tackles in 190 games. Suggs is the greatest outside linebacker in Baltimore Ravens history. That’s saying something, because Peter Boulware was pretty incredible.

I have to admit that I was frustrated with Suggs earlier this season for lining up off-sides in key instances earlier this season. When the Ravens played the New York Jets without him, it was clear how much he still means to this team. The purple and black couldn’t stop Matt Forte to save their lives. Even when Suggs doesn’t produce the explosive pass rushing plays that made him a household name, he is a damn good football player.

Nov 10, 2016; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens outside linebacker Terrell Suggs (55) speaks with Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson during a time out during the fourth quarter at M&T Bank Stadium. The Baltimore Ravens defeated Cleveland Browns 28-7. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Suggs is playing with a torn biceps injury. He is essentially playing with one fully capable arm. That makes what he did so incredible. On a short week, against Joe Thomas, a fellow all time great, Suggs made a huge impact in the Ravens battle with the Browns. Suggs recorded a forced fumble and a sack on the same play. He also forced an interception when he hit Cody Kessler’s arm during the process of the throw. He set the edge and had his presence felt all game long. The former Arizona State standout had never had a moment so impressive.

To me, this was like Michael Jordan’s playoff game with the flu. Maybe it was on a much smaller scale, a Thursday Night Football game against the 0-9 Browns, but it was amazing.

Last week we had to survive sixty minutes of the commentators giving Ben Roethlisberger credit for his toughness. They mentioned Ben’s resilience throughout the broadcast, while Suggs went to work with an injury that usually ends a player’s season. There is nobody tougher on the football field (or on any football field) than Suggs.

With Suggs you get everything. You get an emotional leader. You get a great athlete. Without a doubt, Suggs is one of the most memorable personalities professional sports has ever seen. Ray Lewis may have been the most intense and emotional player of all time, and Terrell Suggs is just like him in that respect. The man is just special.

Suggs has made 20 tackles and recorded six sacks so far this season. If he continues to play well, despite his injury it will be truly inspiring. He’s taking “Ball So Hard” to an entirely new level. Suggs is playing at a high level, injured. He must have nothing but our respect and gratitude as fans.

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